About House of M.A.N.

Not long after my wife Judy gave birth to our third son, my sister noticed their names formed the acronym “M.A.N.” and so she christened our little home “House of M.A.N.” Remembering the 1960’s TV series my brother found humour in sending my boys mail by addressing it to “M.A.N. From Uncle”. So, when I decided to venture into  my own business 1997 it didn’t take long to come up with a name. The name “House of M.A.N.” came to mind.

When I started my company people would often ask me, “What does M.A.N. stand for?” Some though it sounded a little “chauvinistic”. I would reply, “It’s an acronym for my sons, Mathew, Andrew and Nathan.” I would tell people… “That’s who I work for.”

The dynamics of my family has changed since 1997. My three sons have all left the nest. Two are now beginning their own families. On May 10, 2011, I became a grandfather for the first time – to a beautiful little girl. After years of male domination in the House of M.A.N.  Judy is delighted to now see a balance of estrogen in our family. Our grandchildren count is now up to four.

My Testimony of Faith

While my family is very important to me, so is my faith. Should you wish to know the complete story behind House of M.A.N. I would like to share with you the rest of my story.